Artzy Interiors is a Bangalore based interior design company. We specialize in creating beautiful and practical homes with contemporary interior design. We create and implement customized designs keeping in mind your needs and your space. We have done many projects all over Bangalore and the quality is reflected in our work. Bespoke design is our strength with details to every little thought you have in mind.We are a young company with already more than 100 satisfied customers. Being young the onus is on us to carve a niche for ourselves. That motivates us to do better every time. Our team is lead by Preeti Saxena and Aditi Saxena.

Our Values

Integrity – Nothing else matters. There can be any number of  marketing buzzwords one can create but integrity covers it all. Integrity implies commitment to finish your work with quality you expect in time we have agreed upon.

Our Vision

To be the first choice vendor in Bangalore for interior work



We are thoughtful of your requirements. At every stage. Here are some reasons why you should consider us.

From assembly to finish, our emphasis on quality is unwavering. We use only quality products like Blum, Hettich, Hafele etc.

Designing your home should not cost you a bomb. When you buy from well known brands and design studios, you pay for their brand (20%+), their sales team (10%+) and their
advertisement costs (10%+). Even with their discount sales, a 3 BHK may well cost you north of 15 lakhs and close to 20 lakhs with all the appropriate taxes. It’ your home and you deserve to get the job done at less than 75% of that value. You do not have to take our word for it. You should take the quote from one of those branded studios and then come to us and blind test us on our quote for the same work.

We use space practically. We are thoughtful of your requirements and serve you with best contemporary interior design. At every stage and we really do believe in KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. We first understand your requirements and then we figure out how much space you need to create visual marvels and how much space you need to store your belongings. It is in wedding the two that our expertise lies.

Not many offer this flexibility. Working in your home translates to lower costs. But for some reason if you prefer the furniture to be made in our factory, we can do it.

We deliver on time. There is never a compromise on it. We pride ourselves in delivering on time.


 We use many different types of plywood to suit all budgets. They are of varying width and quality. We use what you choose from among the available ones.

You can choose from a catalogue the sheets you want to use. It can be uniform or varied, matte or gloss etc.

  Yes you can. Usually because we buy in bulk due to multiple orders our prices tend to be a bit cheaper than the ones you would procure.

We provide 3 visits a year for 1 year free of cost to maintain and oversee any issues. Any damage you will be done at the actual cost of the procurement without any labour or service charges. We also provide an extended 2 year service for a fixed cost. 

Yes. We can do it in our modular factory. We prefer to do it onsite as it lowers the total cost.