The best interior design blog for small spaces

The best interior design blog for small spaces

Not all folks sleep in huge homes – actually, a huge 20.5% folks sleep in flats. meaning space is often fairly limited and that we need to get creative with storage ideas and elegance inspirations. Here are 3 of our favorite interior design for little spaces!

interior design blog for small spaces

Living during a shoebox

This blog specializing in showcasing interesting designs in smaller homes.  – you only need to get creative together with your compact space and everything else will just flow. The blog explores how you’ll use geometric patterns, hidden storage, and natural light to make a trendy and deceptively large space.

Intentionally Small

. The designer focuses on ideas for little spaces and straightforward living, drawing from both her own experience and residents in her community. She interviews people that make an idea of the layout of their small space and uses it in her own inspirations.

Apartment Therapy

Although not strictly about small homes, Apartment Therapy has many interior design ideas for smaller homes, whether they’re rented or owned. they need a whole section dedicated to organizing and cleaning, which may contribute greatly to utilizing the space in your small home. there’s also a special section all about ‘small spaces’ including style ideas for everything from studio apartments to attic bathrooms.

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