9 small house interior design solutions

9 small house interior design solutions

As more architects explore the potential of smaller homes, finding ways to improve the small house interior design is a growing area of ​​interest for designers. Some minimalists have argued that living with less creates simplicity, efficiency, and a calm being, which allows us to focus on what is important. Could the answer be less?

Whatever your living conditions, there are many ways to make a small house interior design room feel bigger. If space is at a premium, here are some of the best interior design solutions for a small house or home.


The mirror is the easiest way to create the illusion of a large room, especially if it is placed directly opposite a window. In this interior, a large round retro style mirror by California design studio Amber Interior makes a bold statement in the hallway.

small house interior design

Lighten up

The darker the walls, the closer they will get to you, so one of the reasons is that many of us turn white. This makes the rooms look bigger. In this beautiful Swedish summer house inspired apartment by Australian designer Frig Woodall, the small kitchen area looks bright and spacious. The lack of window treatment also allows maximum light.

Furniture with legs

Looking at the floor under your furniture will make the room feel more spacious, so choose furniture with legs instead of large pieces. In the space designed by blogger Kate LaWe, she chooses a thin Century-style sofa centered around the room. Don’t be tempted by the furniture just above the wall – giving it some space to breathe will make things feel more comfortable.

Bespoke furniture

Good house storage is the number one priority for a small home. If building work is an option, the storage and furniture designed for your space allows you to take advantage of every available tip, or in this case, a high ceiling. In this beautiful children’s room, even though the amber interiors, the bank beds appear to be almost part of the architecture of the house, while the shelving elocus offer plenty of space to display personal items.

Fold out furniture

Small Furniture can stay in the house and can be folded when not in use. This wall features a hanging desk in a Malibo house designed by Boyd Design and has no floor space. Ideal for homeworkers who want to keep the office closed at the end of the business day.

small house interior design

Glass coffee tables

Glass or transparent furniture creates the illusion of space and air because you can see the floor through them. Also take a look at the Art Deco-style terrace table by West Elm *, which has useful shelves below for storing and displaying your coffee table books.

Folding and extendable dining tables

Expandable dining tables provide considerable flexibility in a small home. This classic drop leaf design by Aircel is ideal for quick and easy change while having fun.

small house interior design

Wall hung bedside tables and lamps

Probably the most careful bedside table ever? This bedroom style idea came from Kokanska via the Czech blog where the extra use of bedside lights attached to the wall saves more space.

Hanging plants

Hanging your plants from the roof means you can add lush greenery to your home without any surface space.

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