Living Room Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Living Room Interior Design Company in Bangalore

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Living Room Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Attractive and practical living room design ideas

Everyone loves it when a friend or relative stops by the living room stylish and appreciates it. In any home, this is the place that used to greet the guests, and therefore, should present your personality and suit your style so that you can relax with your loved ones after a long day. Can do To make a living room attractive, it should be fashionable, comfortable as well as functional. Here, at Artzi Interior in Bangalore, interior designers and decorators bring you 7 modern living room ideas that you will love. From modern furniture and beautiful colors to chic lighting and smart layouts, every living room is a sight to behold.

Prints and colors

This contemporary room is filled with natural light during the day and has a creamy atmosphere. However, stylish yellow armchairs with floral prints and navy boards make the room lively and interesting. The beams are lightweight and offer small prints to complete the chairs.

Ultra Modern furnishings

The red and white room is spacious and bright, with an impressive L-shaped sofa on the center stage. A pair of Ottoman rugs and an intricately matched rug complete the seating arrangement. Large glass windows give a sense of openness to the pizza and highlight the curtains.

Lighting is the key

A beautiful chandelier steals the show in this spacious and beautiful room. With some embedded lights, the chandelier bathes the whole area in a soft glow. The room’s brown and cream color palette is warm and cozy, and the delicate prints on the cushions and pulses offer visual interest.

Creative ideas

Available in a most pleasant tone, this living room is amazing with a stylish TV unit designed with diagonal panels. Some of them have mirrors, which add a charming touch to the room. Notice how some of the artwork is positioned exclusively, which can affect a colorful shape. Stunning cream sofas and printed curtains complete the design.

Unique decoration

This stylish living room combines red, white, and gray in just the right proportions. Modern wallpapers are highlighted by a pair of chic sconces and abstract artworks. The sleek red sofas survive to the floor, while the odd rectangular and square frames serve as a wall decoration on the opposite wall.

Smart space planning

With a nice white sofa, some bright carpets, and a low coffee table, this living room takes up most of the floor space. Therefore, it is planned to save the rest of the space on the floor area. Notice how the slim TV console, the niche near the door, and the minimalist tables under the artwork leave enough room for movement.

Friendly layout for communication

Here, the open planning room merges seamlessly into the dining area. The integrated space looks beautiful, thanks to the similarity of the furniture color scheme and minimalist decor in both areas. A beautiful backlit panel on the roof artistically delimits both zones.


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