Latest Interior Design Trends For Home Decoration In 2020

Latest Interior Design Trends For Home Decoration In 2020

During the Quarantine, most of the people were bored from a similar look of their home.  It is a good approach to change the look and follow interior design trends of the place where you are living. In short, a house is not just a place it is a feeling. There are a variety of trends that are being used however several of them are revived after ages. The house style depends on mood and choices. it is a big question among many of us that what to choose? How to choose? and what will be the right combination of things that will go with the theme that we chose? 

The following are some of the latest interior design trends that are being used. Using these you can make your place worth living.

Color Schemes for home interior

Colors have a profound impact on mood and selecting the right color can change the entire persona of living. In 2019, the selection of blue color was in trend. Now, we’re seeing dusty greens (from olive to pistachio) gaining traction within the home right now. These muted tones work as a palatable pop of color for those who typically stick with neutrals. Different color pallets are used to generate a new color scheme.

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Built-in seating Area

Window aspect perch with the great view or the comfy corner that is built-in the window adds character to space. the seating can be much more comfortable when it is tucked close to the wall as no distraction occurs and no one can bump into you as they walk past. It’s an additional thought-about because of the saving technique for space management. It is of various shapes and sizes and you can design it by your choice and the accessories can add more character to it.

Indoor Garden Design 

Plants act as a relentless thing in our lives. They photosynthesize patiently and grow no matter what is happening around. If we want to bring nature inside then the indoor plants are the best option. Seeing greenery inside your home will freshen up your mind and reduce headaches and improve brain function. In short, they create a sense of serenity

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“Round” as the new era of right angle

In 2020, the round is the new era of the right angle. The curvy shapes are taking form as the furniture aspect in interior designs. Asymmetrical designs and the upholstered piece of furniture like sofas, dewans, etc. are impressed by styles in the latest ’70s. Curvy shaped furniture makes the rooms spacious and attractive. The combination of light color furniture with a little bit of airiness in the room with the warmth of the color is the great combination

Fiber art for the wall hangings

Fiber art is the piece of art from the past years but it was not in trend for so long. For several years, fiber artists have been showing their work at fine-art galleries and fairs. The year 2020 is the trending year for this sort of art. This includes intricately plain-woven tapestries, elaborately knotted macramé pieces. Many individuals prepare these by themselves to give the look of the room cozy and attractive. So, now it is part of the interior design.

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