Indoor Garden Design Ideas That You Will Fall For

Indoor Garden Design Ideas That You Will Fall For

Gardening is an innovative and popular hobby for people who love nature and enjoy spending their time outdoors. There is a certain level of joy and excitement that comes from watching a seed transform into a beautiful plant. However, gardening outdoors isn’t always an option for various reasons. Some people don’t have space they simply prefer to be indoors instead. For those who would rather stay inside, gardening can still be a fun and exciting option. In fact, indoor gardens can be a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial space. Whether you like bright colors prefer simple earth tones, you can tailor your indoor garden to fit your specific wants and needs. Those who love DIY projects will also find that creating an indoor garden can be a great way to get busy and stay creative. If you’re looking for a cool new way to add something special to your home, and indoor garden design ideas might just be exactly what you need. If you’ve got a green thumb, you might as well put it to good use

 Today, we will check out some of the best indoor garden design ideas that will change your life!

Stair Net Garden

Install a net on the stairs rail instead of common rails. Beautiful pots of greens are hung all over it, creating an amazing view of a garden wall. It’s a smart idea to put up house plants vertically. Not only it saves space, but it also looks stunning to the eye. The net rail also makes it simple to water them.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters by various indoor plants i-e air purifying plants like  Dracaena, ZZ Plant. Spider Plant, Rubber Tree, etc will be a great source of positive environment all around.

Running out of space to put your plants? No problem! You can put them up over a wire! These planters are not only accessible, but they also can be smelled and touched whenever you want. It’s the perfect setup to have when you want to sit back, relax and look at something green before continuing your work

Bohemian Style Overhead Planters Shelves

It’s a simple idea to add nature to your home! The indoor garden in your living room in Bohemian style will add character and nature both together in your room. A simple setup of shelves on top to make space for tiny little planters is all you need to have a relaxing bedroom

Wall of Green Oasis

Adorn your wall with shelves made of upcycled wooden pieces from old furniture. Place planters on top of all shelves and you’ll get a cozy looking spot that you’ll love to be in.

Wall of Green Planters

If you have a window with sunlight blasting through, don’t waste your money installing blinders or curtains. Instead of this put up an entire wall of shelves and fill it up with potted plants of all kinds! It will be amazing to have luscious greens filtering the rays that greet you in the morning. Some plants emit a pleasant smell too. That would be wonderful to wake up next to a wall with greenery.

Planters Stacked on Crates

Indoor Garden design ideas

Versatile and cheap, crates are one of the best DIY materials out there. In this creative setup, we get to see how the simple arrangement of these crates turned it into a cool-looking customizable shelf that becomes the very stage for the planters.

Ladder of Planters

Ladders aren’t just good for getting to high and unreachable places. They’re also good as shelves for your planters! This rustic ladder truly complements the other rustic decorative items around it. Not forgetting to mention that rustic ladder of plants does serve as an ideal platform to stack up against your potted plants

Hanging Planter Shelves Separators

People usually have a wall as a separator between two different areas of the room. But this one, they got shelves of planters! Supported by steel cables, these shelves are secured firmly onto the ceiling. Each plan has a hole, making it easy to slide your desired planter in. It’s the best way to avoid the planter from falling off in case the shelves start swinging.

Indoor Graden Solarium Green House

It’s probably gonna be the most productive time you’ll ever have in this spot! The beautiful morning light can pierce through the glass roofs., making this area an ideal area to grow plants. On top of that, having a different mix of plants create an interesting ambiance that can make you forget the stress of life!

indoor garden design ideas

It is our innate instinct to be part of nature. It has been like that since ancient times and somehow this part of us still exists despite most of us are surrounded by modern concrete structures. Having greens in our house helps us feel relaxed. There’s even a therapy called forest bathing that can help us reduce stress and feel good in general. All in all, it’s a very good idea to have more greens in the house

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