Indian Bathroom Interior Design Ideas from Bangalore

Indian Bathroom Interior Design Ideas from Bangalore

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Indian Bathroom Interior Design Ideas from Bangalore
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Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Fantastic! 

The bathroom of any home is one of the busiest areas of the house and you have to make sure that it is functional and chic at the same time. The key to making sure your bathroom is the best bathroom for you and your family is a little research and some dedication in finding the right pieces. If you have a small bathroom, fitting everything inside will be a real challenge but not impossible. You also need to make sure that all age groups are taken care of. Think of adequate storage with durable, clean surfaces and accessible zones for multiple users.

There are many challenges when it comes to the bathroom and its decoration. Here are some tips to design this perfect bathroom!

Use a Mirror

Using more mirrors to make a smaller bathroom bigger is a very effective way. Pull the mirror across the wall instead of just the vanity so that two people can use it at once. You can add large mirrors to avoid conflict during the morning rush. If you are a teenager, you already know that there can never be too many mirrors. Also, it would be wise to point out that placing a bathroom basin on a window does not indicate that you will be missing a false mirror. The mirror can also be suspended on the horizontal bar of the window pane or attached to the ceiling.

Easy Clean Surfaces

It’s hard to manage the house as it is and at least you can make it easy to clean your bathroom. Go for surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Keep your tiles high to avoid any flashes. Get the right kind of sink and bathtub to ensure longevity.


Add Feature Tiles

Add goodness to your bathroom by donating the walls with prominent tiles. You can choose from a variety of options available these days. Beautiful mosaics are also useful for hiding any dust and dirt. Use the same tiles on the floor and wall to create the illusion of space.

Glam Tape

Your bathroom is as boring as you let it be. Stand it up with fancy tape wear and fittings. Some look trendy, such as a matte black finish, which also reduces the visibility of fingerprints, or a golden finish to add some class. You can also mount a faucet on the wall that allows a narrow sink or void, freeing up square footage in the bathroom as a whole.

Leave the Shower Door

If you have a small bathroom that is large enough to fit a reasonably sized tub and mirror, you can avoid the shower door. When you take a bath, you can use a glass panel to avoid flooding the bathroom. You can also invest in shower curtains that move back and forth, saving some space. Shower tub combos can usually fit in small spaces and shower curtains are the best deal for this. You can pick the pattern as you like and keep changing when the mood changes!

Good Color

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, never be ashamed of the colors. The color of the bathrooms in the whole house does not have to be the most colorful. Check out the green and pink decorations for the perfect inspiration. A pink vanity leaves the background of the green leaf print, while the pink bath stands on the green tile floor. The modern open fireplace is also particularly noteworthy, imagine watching the beautiful dance flames soaking for hours in this tub. Also, color-changing LEDs give you the best opportunity to change the color scheme at the touch of a sink and just a button.


Modern Lighting

Lighting is a very important part of any modern bathroom. Innovative design abstracts and lines and geometric shapes. Make sure you consider the position of the lights to ensure maximum light. Don’t forget the quality of light which is just as important. Skylights are modern and functional modern design trucks for modern bathrooms. It’s mostly about the brightness of the atmosphere. Even the best and simplest looking bathroom schemes can be easily given a cozy glow by applying priming lighting. Make sure to fully recess the LED strips for a smooth and clean effect in the bathroom.

Add a Seat

Whether it’s brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, or supervising your children while taking a shower, having a toilet in hand in the bathroom will be a saving grace (you and behind you) in your family bathroom. You can go for a sleek stool or a comfortable couch to save space for comfort. Make sure the substance is not perfumed as the bathroom is bound to moisture most of the time. You can also choose a folding set to save space.

This makes the bathroom look too big for the vanity to climb on the floor. It frees up a little space for cleaning and also shows the temperature. A stylish curved freestanding model can live a long life as children grow older. You can insert curved fixtures to secure the bathroom. If all fixtures are round, the void will choose around style.

Use Hidden Storage

In order to have a clean bathroom, it is important to have secret storage spaces. In family zones, there is no such thing as too much storage. Mirror cabins are a great way to save space. Get a wall hanger to make room on the floor. The stool you choose may have storage space under the seat. Lots of creative options available.

Put the Towel Bar on a Door

When space is minimal, a towel bar on the shower door keeps towels handy. You may need to keep most of your towels in a nearby cloth closet, but it is important to keep a towel close by. Attach the towel bar to the door and you can avoid spreading handles that look beautiful and can replace the wall.

White Modern Look

When one thinks of a white and modern style, a beautiful and elegant idea comes to mind. Clean lines, white, and some organic contacts are all that is needed. The shower disappears beautifully in the background thanks to the continuous floor and wall tiles throughout the room. If you don’t want to go for a white scheme, be sure to add some bass notes to improve it. To add more interest, black and framework were cut into this simple white bathroom. Advancing the Black theme, it offers a very strong and solid look.

Pebble It

With this decoration idea, you can bathe in a bed of beautiful pebbles. Numerous modern luxury bathrooms have adopted this great idea of placing the bathtub on a bed of pebbles. Natural stone works well with wood elements and botanical themes. If you do not have a bathtub then there is nothing to worry about. A patch of beautiful pebbles under the vanity also works wonders.

Use Baskets

Laundry bags are a must-have item for any bathroom. It should be in a place that is easily accessible to all members of the family. You can choose a pattern of the bag that matches the whole shape of your bathroom. Make sure the bag is made of a material that does not stink due to dirty clothes inside. An easily washable laundry bag is a great way to reduce your workload.

Concrete Offers an Aesthetic Look

Use concrete to add an industrial edge to modern bathroom design. A planned solid bathroom may seem like a tough look, but the introduction of curved furniture, indoor plants, and tones of warming wood will definitely ensure complete softness. Also, textured walls change any average area. A single bathroom plan without extruding stone would look nice, but it was nowhere near the wow element. Make sure to add more focused lighting to really speed up the installation.

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