3 Things To Think About When Choosing The Perfect Chandelier

3 Things To Think About When Choosing The Perfect Chandelier

  1. Positioning a Chandelier

In an indoor space, the position of the chandelier should be as centered as possible. Here are three reasons why:

Aesthetic: A well-designed perfect chandelier is admirable from all angles. Placing the chandelier during a central position gives you a 360-degree view to admire all the gorgeous elements.

General Light: Artificial ambient light is more evenly distributed from a centered position.

Positioning a Chandelier

Symmetry: As presumably the sole suspended object, a chandelier is best put during a central location for visual balance.

  1. Installation Height

In a dining room, a chandelier should hang approximately 30 inches above aboard surface so people seated around it can see one another and won’t get glare in their eyes. If you’ve got a high ceiling (9 feet or higher), add about 3 inches for every additional foot of ceiling height.

Installation Height

In other rooms, you ought to always consider such a line of sight and safe clearance when installing a chandelier. After all, a light-weight fixture is far less appealing if it blocks your view or if you retain hitting your head thereon.

  1. Chandelier Brightness

The ideal lumen count for ambient perfect chandelier lighting during a dining room–or any room–is determined by space’s square footage. Per 100 square feet, a dining room needs about 300-400 total lumens. (For more information on recommended lumens for any room, you’ll go here.) So you’d be smart to think about the lumen output of a chandelier as a part of your selection process. within the interest of proper light layering, a chandelier might not be the only source of ambient lighting during space, but it’ll likely be the first one.

Chandelier Brightness

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